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because of mother...▌&#955
United States
Current Residence: South Florida
Favourite genre of music: Various
Favourite photographer: David LaChapelle, Margaret Bourke White
Favourite style of art: Photography
Operating System: Acer
MP3 player of choice: iPhone
Personal Quote: ...You realize, of course, that someone will have to die for this.
  • Mood: Lonely
  • Listening to: Call On Me (Radio Edit)//. Eric Prydz
  • Drinking: Lemonade
1. Menthol
2. Shiver
3. Diesel
4. Dakota
5. Teaze
6. Boz
7. Lazarus
8. Autrienne
9. Nora
10. Razzle


1) 1 (Menthol) and 8 (Autrienne) write a grocery list. What items are on it?
-One (1) unit hairbands.
-Coloring books.
-Various baby supplies.
-Ear plugs.

2) 3 (Diesel) and 5 (Teaze) go shopping according to said list. What do they forget, and what do they buy instead?
Final result:
-Coloring books.
Cashier lady is concerned.

3) 7 (Lazarus) finds out he is violently allergic to bees! What does 2 (Shiver) do?

4) Knowing full well about 7's (Lazarus's) allergies, 10 (Razzle) mail-orders a hive of bees and puts it in 7's (Lazarus's) room. What does 4 (Dakota) say about this?
"What the--hey! Shit, does anyone have an EpiPen? And--what the fuck--PUT THOSE AWAY!!!" OMO

5) If 9 (Nora) hijacked a PA system, what would they broadcast throughout the building?
Fashion/dating advice. Possibly something pornographic, depending on recent exposure to 'loving relatives'.

6) 6 (Boz) sunbathed for too long and got a sunburn. What does he have to say about it?
He's too drunk to notice... >>

7) What would 1 (Menthol) say 6 (Boz) looks like, now that he is sunburnt?
"...I can't figure out if it's the sun or Senor Jose Cuervo... -.-"

8) If 3 (Diesel) and 10 (Razzle) were having a 'Yo momma' contest, what would their best jokes be?
Razzle: Joke's on you, bitch! I don't have a mother!"

9) Is 5 (Teaze) or 4 (Dakota) a better figure skater?
Teaze. Do we really need an explanation?

10) What does 2 (Shiver) have to say about that?

11) 9 (Nora) becames a necromancer overnight! Who do they resurrect?
Uncle Boz!

12) What would each of their names be if they were to become the opposite gender?
1. Menthol : ...Mentholine? o.o
2. Shiver : Shiva?
3. Diesel : Dessela?
4. Dakota : ........
5. Teaze : ......!! o.o
6. Boz : Bozhri--*Splrt* // Name censored.
7. Lazarus : Lizzie. *Snort*
8. Autrienne : Adrian
9. Nora : Ned. Oh, yes. I went there.
10. Razzle : Razzle? Oo

13) What animals would each of them be?
1. Menthol : Butterfly.
2. Shiver : La chupacabra.
3. Diesel : A very amorous jaguar.
4. Dakota : Falcon or hawk.
5. Teaze : Feral cat.
6. Boz : ...Big, crazy-drunk-ass bear.
7. Lazarus : Wolf or lion.
8. Autrienne : Lark or some other singing bird.
9. Nora : Peacock.
10. Razzle : Something by Lisa Frank. ...OwO

14) 2 (Shiver) is having a dinner party and asks 3 (Diesel) and 5 (Teaze) to run to the store to get the ingredients. Do they screw this one up too?
It's fairly hard to screw up when you're the ingredients, but at least they'll die with a fresh supply of booze, cigs, and condoms.

15) It turns out that 2 (Shiver) poisoned all the guests with arsenic! Who did he invite?
Diesel and Teaze, apparently.

16) Which of the guests would 9 (Nora) bring back to life with their necromancy?
Teaze has prettier clothes. >:3

17) Would 4 (Dakota) snort a Ramen noodle then hock it up out their mouth and floss their nasal cavity with it? What does 10 (Razzle) think of this?
Dakota: I think I might have, once...I don't remember much other than a ruler after that...
Razzle: *Points and laughs* Nun-punt! Nun-punt!

18) 1 (Menthol) is hitchhiking to China and 2 (Shiver) stops to pick him up. 3 (Diesel) meets up with them at a gas station and they are all struck with a radioactive comet. They all get superpowers and vow to save the world from evil! Shortly after this, 4 (Dakota) begins a plot to take all the tea in China with his henchmen, 5 (Teaze) and 6 (Boz). 1, 2, and 3 break into their fortress of DOOM to stop the plot. 7 (Lazarus) enters the fray, having been struck by a similar comet, only his/her only power is to morph into a lethargic koala bear. 8 (Autrienne) and 9 (Nora) were having sex the whole time and missed it. What's 10's (Razzle) favorite TV show?

Menthol and Diesel: *Attempting to not be eaten*
Autrienne: O.O ...ahr yu ... all right?
Nora: *In the corner, shaking* Ewwwwww. That's a straight people thing.... :tears:
Razzle: I like watching special cable. ^____________________________________________________^

19) On a scale of 1 to 10, how irritating was that last question?
Eemeeeeemeeeeemememememe.... *Beaker scared* OO

20) This quiz is over, but the journey continues as all 10 ride off into the sunset. Who pushes who off of their horse as the screen fades to black?
What horses? The only one left seems to be Shiver, and he's picking his teeth with something that looks an awful lot like a rib.
Boz: ...*Hee* ...Where are we?

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i'm deleting the manga studio tutorial(s) you commented on or faved in favour of newer, updated ones, so check them out, cos i missed out a lot of information in the old ones.

Scanning tutorial: [link]
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Screentone + Colour are upcoming ^^
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